The 13th

Words: Danielle Vorster & Fiona Christensen
Photographs: The 13th
The talented duo, Justin and Shalom, create enchanting work,
taking photography to a new level


Archetype: How old do you feel?
Shalom Mushwana: 20 pretty much.
Justin Share: I’d say I feel about 20 as well.

A: Tell us something about yourselves in one sentence.
SM: I think cats are amazing.
JS: I like clouds.


A: Why the name The 13th?
JS: Well there was this one particular Friday the 13th which I won’t go into detail about, but we just like the number 13 as a symbol of difference.

A: When did you decide to pursue photography?
SM: We got a camera, got bored, started using the camera and had a lot of fun – that was just over a year ago.


A: What do you aim to capture in your work?
SM: We aim to capture any moment in an interesting and often unusual manner.

A: Tell us about your favourite shoot or muse?
JS: I really enjoy experimenting with long exposure photography, as well as working with models, which we’ll hopefully start doing a bit more of this year.


A: What do you love about creating a piece?
SM: I really enjoy how ridiculously simple it can be at one moment, then make absolutely no sense at another.

A: Tell us more about your gear, what do you use?
JS: Our gear is pretty standard, a Canon DSLR, a flash, a small external flash and all sorts of random things we can get our hands on.


A: We love your multiple exposure works, do you create them in post-processing or are they unedited?
SM: Ninety percent of the time they are completely raw. I have done a few post-processed but there is a very noticeable difference between the methods.

A: Snakes or spiders?
JS: I like snakes.
SM: Spiders are quite interesting.

A: What is your favourite sandwhich filling?
JS: Bacon, avo and cheese.
SM: Tuna and mayo.


A: Any favourite performing artists/ bands?
SM: I really like Nicolas Jaar as an international artist.
JS: I’d say Jon Wayne for me at the moment, there’s something really bad-ass about a rapper in sandals.

A: Complete the sentence: I never thought…
SM: I never thought beer would ever taste so amazing.
JS: I never thought I’d end up so consumed in arts as I am now.

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