Summer Afteroon Companions

Words & Photographs: Fiona Christensen
Let’s keep summer with us as the cold starts to creep in

There is nothing better than an ice-cold cocktail at the end of a long day; a little bit of sour lemon, some sugar dusting, and a kick of something potent. And the range is endless. You could hustle up a Martini if you feel the need for something smooth, or if you are living dangerously, then a Long Island Ice Tea will suit you just fine. The boring can settle for a Screwdriver, the classics for an Old Fashioned, whilst the adventurous could try a Singapore Sling. We settled on our own spin of a Mojito, the Type A and a cocktail for those reluctant to leave their beers behind.


Type A
1 cups water
2 cups soda water
2 cups Sprite/ Lemonade
1 cup vodka
2 shots Limoncello
1 tsp Bitters
2 shots lemon juice
¾ cup sugar water (125ml sugar dissolved in water)
5-10 lemon quarters
One: Mix the water, vodka, bitters, Limoncello, sugar water and lemon juice together, stirring in a standard jug
Two: Add the Sprite and Soda Water
Three: Stir lightly, and then add your lemon quarters and slightly crushed mint sprigs
2The Dreamer
6 bottles of beer/ cider – preferably a lighter beer like Corona or even
Flying Fish Lemon flavour
340ml Vodka
30ml Pink Lemonade Concentrate/ 1l Cranberry Juice + 2l Sprite
5-10 Lemon quarters
One: mix all liquid ingredients together – stir lightly
Two: add the lemon and lightly crush mint sprigs