Archetype sits down with Delon Moody, better known as 4Givn. He tells us why he loves making street art, particularly heavenly animals and the challenges that come with it. We look at his animals, Durban roots and his passion for transforming spaces.


A: How old do you feel?  
DM: 35…

A: Tell us something about yourself in one sentence
DM: Smooth sailing, full of energy, inspiration, colour, laughter & nature.

A: When did you decide that drawing on walls was for you?
DM: 1999

A: What do you aim to capture in your work?  
DM: My Creators Majestic Array of Colour in Animals & Nature… Also to try and make people confront what they tend to ignore on a daily basis, like crime, poverty and abuse.


A: Do you have a favourite work or muse?
DM: I cant really pic out one, but Graf artist FAITH from Cape Town comes to mind. She did this huge African women carrying a baby on her back “Traditional style”, with a colourful blanket… I love it!

A: Why animals as your subject matter?    
DM: I just love the challenge of painting them, messing around with their colours and just the ‘aura’ they give off in certain areas.



A: We see you do a lot of collaboration with Pastelheart, have you two being doing Graf work together for a while?
DM: Pastelheart is ‘literally’ my Brother… We`ve been painting together forever! We`ve still got a lot of plans to brighten up Durban… And abroad.

A: We think the world should have more street art and decorated surfaces, wouldn’t you agree?   
DM: It’s happening all over the world as we speak. In Jozi and Cape Town as well, but we need the Durban Municipality to help us take street art to another level.

A: We feel South Africa is really moving up in the art world, is this evident to you? Has it affected you?  
DM: Yes we are, not me though… In the Canvas & Gallery sector definitely and that’s actually one of my dreams – to sell my work abroad.


A: Any favourite local musician’s?
DM: Yup, underground poetic lyricist Hymphatic Thabs, Sons of the Soil and Sibot.

A: What is your favourite sandwich topping?

A: Snakes or Spiders? 
DM: Snakes

A: Where would we find you on a free afternoon?  
DM: At home finishing off a canvas.

A: Complete the sentence: I never thought…?   
DM: I`d have an online interview for my art!