Local is Lekker ‘Brah’

Words: David Mann
Illustrations: Danielle Vorster & Fiona Christensen


Maramza- Alcohol, Blunts & Coke Mix
The white, amaXhosa chief of electronic music, DJ Maramza incorporates local and international artists into this distinctly gritty mix, pouring in some Kendrick, rolling up a little DJ Rashad, and cutting some JBS and iFani into a good old mix of booze, blunt and coke. It’s free to download and thug as hell, so get ready to have it shoot to the top of your ‘most played’ in about a day.

Jay Tweek- May Mix 2012
Durban based DJ, Jay Tweek does Poison City best with 25 minutes of Drum ‘n Bass beats. Despite being one of the regular mixes on my ‘get shit done’ playlist, I keep coming back to this one, because of the way he manages to blend the hardest tracks in the subtlest way, allowing this mix to keep you moving for ages.

Sibot- LIVE Origin Durban jan 2013 set
“Whadup Durban?” and Sibot goes in. Hard. This live set at Origin in Durban, is 45 minutes of signature Sibot style, glitch hop, moombahton and bass. Ringrose is famous for his live performances which are something of an audio-visual masterpiece. If you’ve never seen him live, then shame for you, and all the more reason for you to give this live set a listen. You’ll be on the first available flight to catch his next show.

Ryan Gosling- B-Day Mix
Nah, not that good looking guy from those films, those good looking ladies from Cape Town you may have seen making the floor sweat at Assembly. This Mother City based DJ duo put together a 20 minute set with some dirty, big room bass beats that’ll definitely make you want to move. Archetype  digs female DJs, and these two have thrown in some great female artists on this mix. Check it out.

Das Kapital- Spotlight #37 (RageTracks.com)
Like most of Das Kapital’s music, there’s some weird shit in the mix, but nonetheless, it’ll definitely get you moving. As part of RageTracks.com’s Spotlight Series, Das has put together about 25 tracks into an hour long mix containing quite a few lesser known artists who know how to kick up a tune. This one’s a great pre cursor to a big night out, or a good gym/jogging mix if you’re into that shit.