Daniella du Plessis
Photographer: Emma-Jane Harbour .
Model: Ricci-Lee Kalish

A: How old do you feel?
DdP: 10

A: Tell us something about yourself in one sentence…
DdP: I have a passion for pugs.

A: Why the name Honne?
DdP:It means: The self you reveal to your closest love.

A: Why wedding dresses?
DdP: I saw a gap in the market. I wanted to create something beautiful and unusual, something I would want to get married in.

A: How has it being starting your own fashion label and heading your own company?
DdP: It has been amazing. Very challenging and terrifying but so rewarding. I think you just have to get used to fighting with yourself everyday. To get up and face things and take another little step forward.

A: Do you have people that contribute or help towards designing?
DdP: Me myself and I. Haha no that’s a lie. I think everyone I surround myself with contributes. I talk to friends and family, get their opinions on what I’m doing. My dad and sister are always very honest with me. I’m always searching for constructive criticism.

A: We love your alternative style in the designs, what inspires you to create such darling dresses that are so unlike anything expected with typical dresses?
DdP: Hmmm… that’s a tough one I look at a lot of different things, I’m constantly trawling the internet looking at beautiful things. From art to houses. I always sketch listening to music. Which I get from Hype Machine my favourite app. I just draw really and see what comes out, haha. Then I pick my favourites.

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A: Where did you study fashion design and why did you chose to do fashion?
DdP: I studied at LISOF. I chose fashion cause it’s fashion. There is nothing better then creating clothes. It is what we spend our entire lives in. We make memories in them. They have to be beautiful and practical. Which is challenging. I love a challenge.

A: Are you solely doing wedding dresses?
DdP:For now I’m doing wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. I will be working on a ready to wear collection soon.

A: Who designed your brand label?
DdP: I did. I just played around on Illustrator and InDesign until I came up with something I liked.

A: If you could travel into space, would you?
DdP: I am claustrophobic so… no… haha

A: Any favourite local musician’s?
DdP: Bye Beneco, Van T and Matthew Mole, to name a few.

A: Favourite local restaurant?
DdP: Burnside’s and Good Luck Club

A: Fridays or Sundays?
DdP: Sundays

A: Where would we find you on a rainy day?
DdP: In bed with a book.

A: Complete the sentence:
DdP: I never thought…? I’d be interviewed.

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