Local is ‘Lekker’ Brah

Words: Dave Mann
Illustration: Danielle Vorster/ Fiona Christensen

Haezer- OMGITM Supermix 09 2013

Have you ever been to a Haezer show? Holy shit. Some of the bloodiest moshpits I’ve been in can’t compare. Putting it simply: Haezer is heavy, and so is this hour long mix of his, containing 19 of the most raw, trashy, bass heavy tracks you’ve heard. He even opens with a remix of the Lion King tune. Ja, you know the one.  He’s also just released a mix for Kannibalen Radio which you can check out here.

Hyphen- Reject Mediocraty

Starting off with an extract from Saul Williams’ ‘Coded Language’, this mix opens with some pretty fast paced, upbeat tracks then chills out towards the middle with some 128bpm tracks that you can sit back and sway to. The hour long mix ends off with another Williams extract, leaving you with a better mind and happier eardrums. If you’re into more technical, low key instrumental tracks, this one’s perfect for you.

Spoek Mathambo- Future Sound Of Mzansi Mix (SA Electronic Music Mix)

Spoek has done some amazing things in his career, leading him to the position he holds in music today. And besides bailing on Soweto to live in Sweden and marry some white girl, he still greatly boosts the SA scene. This mix is part of a series of mixes containing work from up and coming DJs from all over SA. With tunes from Oskido, Christian Tiger School, Maramza, Jumping Back Slash, Card on Spokes, and DJ Zinhle, this mix will make you proud to live in a country with such a diverse, creative, and talented electronic music scene. You can also check out Future Sound of Mzansi #2 here.

Dank- Nutterbut Soup Mix

Besides DJing for Sedge Warbler and Seafood ∆∆∆, DJ Dank has brought a crazy gritty, Trap heavy style of Glitch Hop to SA. This mix is a perfect example of his sound, with tracks from Eprom, Hudson Mohawke, and Flosstradamous amongst others. A bunch of Sedge Warbler and Dank tracks feature too, so you’re guaranteed can get a taste of his unique style.

Pixel Pop – Live set at Untamed Youth, Fiction (Cpt)

I first found out about 22 year old producer and DJ, Pixel Pop whilst surfing the deep, hip, Cape Townian internetz and I was pretty impressed. A few months later, I saw him perform in Grahamstown during the National Arts Festival and I was blown away. The guy really knows how to draw a crowd and keep them on their feet throughout his set. This mix is a live set he performed recently at Fiction in Cape Town, containing a great blend of techno house, deep house, and bass. Give it a listen to get a taste of what one of his shows are like.