Veranda Panda are back with The Rap EP

Words: Dave Mann
Images: Sourced
A look at the group’s fourth EP and accompanying music video

2Electronic music fans, glitch-hop lovers, and panda enthusiasts – get stoked.  Durban’s favourite glitch- hop, violin infused bass duo, Veranda Panda have just released their latest EP, ‘The Rap EP’ which is free for download, along with a music video for their new single, ‘Pineapple Sunday’.

The duo’s fourth release is a five track EP with the usual, upbeat, glitch heavy greatness that Veranda Panda fans love, but this time featuring collaborations with rappers and vocalists, King B, Raheem Kemet, Jess Sole, and The K- Bomb.

One half of Veranda Panda, Jane Baillie explains that after debuting with their ‘White EP’, following up with the ‘Black EP’, and then the ‘Colours EP’, a sound that was representative of Veranda Panda’s roots was necessary, which resulted in the ‘Rap EP’

“With this release we didn’t want to over-complicate things from a production side, we wanted to go back to our roots (which Liam will probably argue are more his roots than mine… which is kind of true) and make music that doesn’t try too hard but still has substance and groove. We also love collaborating with people, and so with all of this in mind, we decided that a Rap EP was the way we wanted to go” says Baillie.

Liam Magner, the group’s other half explains that collaborating with various different artists on this EP was an experience which allowed them to discover and experiment with new areas of their sound, and work with new artists as well as long time friends.

“The guys each bring their own vibe and we give them lots of freedom to do their thing. We have a really strong team of people around us which is awesome,” says Magner, “In terms of Jessica, it’s one of those no-brainier situations. Both of us have known her for years! She is an insanely talented actress and singer, and seemed the obvious choice when we started considering female vocals. She is the third member, our ginger warrior, and we love her dearly.”

The music video for Pineapple Sunday was directed by Mark Edwards who handles the group’s publicity and did their previous music video for ‘Two in the Same’. Baillie explains how the concept of the video is based around a strong loyalty to the Durban music scene and its incredible amount of talented artists.

“The shoot took about two days, with all the cameo roles coming in on one day. Mark is really creative and incredibly intuitive when it comes to film. So working with him is easy,” explains Baillie, “We wanted to have fun with this one, and at the same time, showcase Durban people. We feel very strongly about staying in the 031, and building the scene from here. There are so many awesome people doing that and we included allot of them in our video.”

You can download the Rap EP for free on Veranda Panda’s Soundcloud here, and check out the video for Pineapple Sunday below.