The Very Big Comedy Show

Words: Chris Booth
Images: Sourced

The Very Big Comedy Show certainly was just that… it was very big (in a giant theatre) and it certainly was comedy (there were comedians on the stage). Having one of the best comedian line-ups I have ever seen live, The Very Big Comedy Show was an hilarious event with comedians such as Martin Evans, Deep Fried Man, Chris Forrest, Sne Dladla, Kagiso ‘KG’ Mokgadi, Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum, The Brothers Streep, and the host of the show, Rob van Vuuren.

There was lots of hilarity to be enjoyed, but unfortunately there were also some problems with the show… namely the fact that many felt the musical acts were rather short – particularly The Brothers Streep, and Jamie MacDowell & Tom Thum. Being a person who watched both their actual shows, I wanted more music from the brilliantly talented acoustic and beatboxing duo Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum. And I had wished that The Brothers Streep could have played some more of their newer – and funnier – music. Another issue that I had was that both Kurt Schoonraad and Siv Ngesi were unable to feature in the show – but luckily, they were replaced by equally as funny, Sne Dladla and Schalk Bezuidenhout.

With comedy, it is very difficult to say who is funny and who isn’t, as it is of course up to personal preferences and to personal styles of humour, but there were some acts that I found had something… lacking. Deep Fried Man, for example, didn’t seem to ‘read the room’ properly and sung one or two songs that would have worked better with a slightly smaller, younger crowd with different tastes of humour… He may have gone a bit too far singing about ‘pussy’ with the slightly older audience at the Guy Butler theatre.

However, personally, I felt that Rob van Vuuren was brilliant as host – bringing back remembrances of his role as Twakkie from The Most Amazing Show. Other acts that made me laugh out loud included Sne Dladla, Schalk Bezuidenhout, and Kagiso ‘KG’ Mokgadi. The only irritant that I found with the acts themselves, was that when they came on, almost every single comedian shouted the words “Who’s here from Cape Town?!”, which for non-Cape Townian members was quite annoying. Especially as you would have thought that each of them would have heard that line from back stage?

But overall, The Very Big Comedy Show was quite an experience and anyone who attended it had left holding their sides with laughter.