Dan Patlansky and Albert Frost blowing minds, one note at a time

Words: Leah Solomon
Images: Sourced
danpatlansky.com & albertfrost.co.za

Whenever I’ve seen Dan Patlansky I always view him as this majestic lone wolf, pioneering the South African blues world, and he never fails to induce the classic single tear with his heart-wrenching music. But then some cruel yet genius higher power decided to couple the incredible Patlansky with the equally amazing and phenomenal Albert Frost.

 This power-duo resulted in a mind-blowing and out of this world experience that I’m sure everyone who has seen them together will store away their performances in their personal Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in the corners of their minds.

 Watching these two musicians perform together is an absolute pleasure. They way that they play off of each other just puts a smile on your face; its kind of like watching two long-lost brothers reuniting once again. The way that they compliment each other is something else, so perfectly different that it just makes sense. Patlansky’s harsh, rough, fast way of playing and singing combined with Frost’s subtle yet impactful playing and gentle voice with an edge is nothing less than perfect. They both somehow manage to find an island between picking and strumming that creates a sound so beautiful that it doesn’t even deserve a name.

I have never seen musicians who are so respectful of each other. They both acknowledged and appreciated each other and what they have to offer. When they played their songs from their respective albums, the other would put as much effort in to performing them well as they would into their own. It was an overall surreal experience, seeing such iconic figures in the South African music scene join forces to create something so magnetic, great, extraordinary, mesmerizing and any other adjective that you can think of to describe such an indescribable duo.