Getting Lost with Lucy & the Boys

Words: Fiona Christensen
Images: Sourced & Album Art by Amor Coetzee


From the get-go, Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys had the audience wrapped around their fingers as they played their hauntingly beautiful melodies in the befitting St Aiden’s Chapel. The tousled hair trio stood amongst an array of instruments and two televisions playing kaleidoscopic visuals as they touched the crowd with their delicate music. Bird of Prey and their rendition of a Feist song were my particular favourites and songs you should definitely go check out.

With Kruger’s husky voice transporting you to a smoky bar, Andre Leo and Lucas Swart  bring you right back with their deep chords, subtle sound effects and beating of drums. The music they made goes straight through to your bones and floats on your skin as you wished the music would never end. The performance is simple with no unnecessaries, placing all the focus on music and the stories behind the songs. Each song varied, dabbling in country and blues, creating music you want to hear playing at every succinct and special moment of your life.

The only let down of the performance (aside from it not going on forever as I had wished) was the audience. As one of the few young people in the small crowd I was saddened that not more people, especially young people, had made the effort to go and watch the performance of the up and coming artists. If you have the opportunity to attend one of their gigs, do take the time to go and watch the talent that is Lucy Kruger + Lost Boys.