High Tea at Fest with The Muffinz

Words: Leah Solomon
Images: Sourced

The Muffinz, consisting of lead electric guitarist and vocalist Simphiwe ‘Simz’ Kulla, acoustic guitarist and vocalist Mthabisi ‘Mthae’ Sibanda, drummer and vocalist Gregory ‘Keke’ Mabusela, bassist and vocalist Karabo ‘Skabz’ Moeketsi and lead electric guitaris and vocalist Sifiso ‘Atomza’ Buthelezi, are a fairly new and fresh addition to the South African music scene with only three years under their belts. They are not to be underestimated though. The Muffinz is a band that is overflowing with talent, soul and raw musicality.

Coming from the concrete jungle, Johannesburg, these five young men joined forces to create mesmerizing, soothing and goose bump worthy music.

 I first saw The Muffinz by accident at Splashy Fen Music Festival. I was wandering around on my own and was suddenly pulled to the main marquee by what I can only describe as ‘angelic’ voices with pristine and gorgeous harmonies. One of my weaknesses when it comes to music has always been beautiful harmonies, having grown up on the likes of Boys || Men, The New York Voices and Whitney Houston’s one-woman acapella song ‘Fine’. These guys’ voices genuinely made me blush and swoon.

 Ever since then I have been following them like a die-hard fan. When I heard that they were playing at Fest I could not contain my excitement. Their gig was very different to the others that I have experienced; sit-down and somewhat formal. But this did not seem to get in their way of putting on a really great show.

 They wasted no time and got straight in to making people dance and groove in their seats. Their music is so flexible, culminating a number of different genres into one solid genre but still with a little bit of edge. There was a little bit of funk, afro-soul/fusion, R ‘n B, hints of traditional African music and even some gospel. These guys are connoisseurs of what they have created, masters of their own personalized genre, which they have named “Eclectic Soul Trip”, an apt description in my mind. And, to top it off, they are all double-threats. They can all play their respective instruments with great skill and they all have voices that have been bestowed upon them by the Gods above. It is quite remarkable and rare to find a band that is so well-rounded.

The Muffinz are a band to look out for because, from what I’ve experienced, these guys are at the forefront of what is becoming an incredibly powerful South African music scene.