OppiKoppi is Lekker brah

Words: Dave Mann
Illustrations: Danielle Vorster & Fiona Christensen

oppi mixes

Oppikoppi does wonders in terms of promoting the local music scene. It allows South African bands to perform on a platform for the whole country to see, as well as expose them to international eyes and ears. In recent years, this has been true not only of rock  but electronic music too. This year’s Red Bull line up in particular looks airtight, with DJs such as Das Kapital, Sibot, Mr Sakitumi, and more. They’ve also included a few lesser known names who are doing amazing things with South African electronic music.

We’ve compiled mixes by just a few of these DJs for you to blast in your car on the way to Oppi and to listen to long after the festival dust has settled. Enjoy!     

You can check out the full lineup here.

DJ Spoko- Grave Mix
Even if you’ve never heard of DJ Spoko, you’ve almost definitely heard his percussion work on DJ Mujava’s ‘Township Funk’. After spending three years in Soweto learning from Shangaan Electro pioneer, Nozinja, DJ Spoko brought his own creation to the South African scene – Bacardi House. The genre consists of percussion heavy house beats with strong kwaito elements. If you’re still not sold on Spoko, this mix is the perfect introduction to his sound. Get ready to have this mix on repeat until the neighbours complain or the speakers blow.

Catch DJ Spoko on Saturday 9 August on the Red Bull Stage at 8pm.

Hawkword – Mixmixmix
Jwan Levin and Zain Ebrahim make up the glitchy, trill- wave duo that is Hawkword. With both members having played with some of the top local electronic acts and performing all over the country, it’s safe to say that Hawkword know their way around the decks. This is a top notch mash up of nu- disco, dance, and hip- hop tracks that keep the tempo up throughout the 30+minute long mix.

Hawkword will be playing on Friday 8 August at the Red Bull Stage at 6pm.

Aero Manyelo – Future Sound of Mzansi
As part of Spoek Mathambo’s ongoing Future Sounds of Mzansi project, electronic music veteran, Aero Manyelo has put together this 50 minute mix. The mix features many of Manyelo’s signature Afro- Tech tracks, as well as a bunch of tracks from his label, Herbal 3 Records. Manyelo has been around since 2000, working with various other local artists and putting South African music on an international platform. This mix can be considered a tribute to the work he’s done over the past decade.

DESERT_HEΔD – Madlib mix
Luc Vermeer, under his alias DESERT_HEΔD, has put together a 37 minute Madlib mix featuring a variety of the Beat Konducta’s tracks. The mix is a great introduction to Madlib for those who’ve never listened to his music and the perfect combination of tracks for long time Madlib fans. Vermeer forms one half of Cape Town’s Christian Tiger School who have performed with a variety of local and international acts.

Christian Tiger School will be taking the Red Bull stage on Friday 8 August at 5pm.

Woman Who Kill – ABC mix
Woman Who Kill is Johannesburg’s Johan Venter. Venter’s been busy lately, putting out some really great tracks, like his Madonna- Vogue remix.   This is Venter’s first mix, but probably best sums up his musical style. It’s diverse and contains remixes of some great international and local artists. The perfect warm up mix for a big night out.

Women Who Kill will be performing on the Red Bull Stage on Thursday 7 August at 3pm.