Jarryd Kellett- 24/7

I heard about Jarryd Kellett through The New Slang Dank remixes. After checking out his Soundcloud, it’s safe to say I’m hooked. Kellett has remixed a number of hip- hop style, drum based tracks and also has an EP of his own work coming out soon. Good music tells the listener a story, and this mix does just that. Mellow, melodic tracks with catchy drum beats that even out between blends before kicking your speakers straight back in just when you think the story’s over.

Goldo- Boogie Berrels Mixtape

Goldo always make the grooviest mixes. Leading in with some soft vocals and basic chill wave, the mix has a great layered start. Soon enough it kicks into Goldo’s signature nu disco, funky electro, keeping up a good rhythm throughout. It’s an overall feel good mix that you can bump your head to whilst working, driving, or chilling on the beach after busting some berrels. They even threw in that Seekae remix by Flume that all you kids love so much.

SFR- Playtime 25 with SFR

Despite playing a bunch of local and international shows, SFR is a bit of a studio hermit. But that’s okay, if mixes like this are the result. Half an hour of bass heavy drumstep, Drum&Bass and reworked classic club anthems make up the Playtime mix. SFR is one of SA’s DJs who really explored genres like Dubstep beyond its mainstream bastardisation, and that’s present in this experimental collection of tracks. This mix kicks up the tempo from the very beginning and makes sure it stays there the whole way through. Definitely not recommended if you’re in a ‘stay in bed and read, or watch series’ kind of mood.   


Future Sound of Mzansi- Qgom Revolution

Qgom is an area of SA’s musical soundscape that hasn’t really been explored yet. Previously, it was really only heard busting out of KZN’s taxis and taverns, but leave it to Spoek Mathambo to make sure it’s heard across an international platform. All the artists featured in this mix have either experimented with or pioneered the Qgom style so if you’re new to the genre, this is a great place to start familiarising your ears. Check out local DJs like Maramza and Jumping Back Slash for a contemporary take on the Qgom style.

Barefoot- Assembly Radio Mix

I don’t know if it’s because it gives me 2012 club flashbacks, Jungle Book nostalgia, or if it’s just because I’ve just really missed jamming to some hard as hell electro, but I found this mix the other day and it’s been on repeat for some time now. Produced as part of Sideshow’s Assembly Radio feature ‘YoungBloodz’, Barefoot’s blended together some really great Electro, Trap, and Drum&Bass tracks into a solid 30+ minute mix. You won’t regret checking this one out.