New Year, New Sounds


This year has come and gone and by now you should all have your holiday bonuses, Christmas money and savings in the bank. New years is done, family time is no longer compulsory and vegging in front of the TV has finally lost its charm and novelty. So, you and your friends put on your public pants and decided to complete the last task on the to-do list; road trip. No good road trip is complete without a flawless playlist, so I am here to help you compile the soundtrack to the remainder of your holiday.

Like most things in life, it’s all about balance. Creating a playlist that’ll cater to everyone’s preferences as well as moods is a delicate process, and often takes a lot longer than you anticipated. Although you may be excited, borderline tweaking, you can’t have ‘pump up’ music the whole way, because contrary to popular belief, you can have too much bass in your face. Here are some artists that should definitely make the cut.

Manchester Orchestra:  This is more for the driver than the passengers. Their songs are deep and dramatic and are really good at sucking you in, thus helping with concentration. Simple Math and Mean Everything to Nothing are both amazing albums that’ll make the drive a smooth one.

Flume: This is a bit of a biased choice but you can never go wrong with Flume. He combines getting you amped but not being too overwhelming. His sound is smooth, soothing and ignites a tingle in you that you know what awaits at the end of the road trip is going to be epic. ‘Holdin’ On’, ‘Star Eyes’ and ‘Ezra’ are top tracks to consider.

Otis Redding: The best voice to fall asleep to. As you drift into the twilight zone, Redding’s soulful voice makes you feel like he is singing to only you. The songs are timeless, beautiful and great to sleep to or stare into the fast passing scenery.

PHFat and Jam Jarr: Two local favourites. A perfect combination of thug and bass. They’ll keep you awake, moving and excited to whatever party, festival or concert you’re making the mission to.

DJ sets:  Sets and mixes are great for roadtrips because they’re usually over an hour long and will have all of your favourite tracks. Sets can be found anywhere and everywhere online, but here are some of my favourites to get you started – BBC Radio 1(Guest Feed Me), Disclosure – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, 1Xtra Annie Nightingale – Flume Quest Mix, Zeds Dead’s 2013 Holiday Mix.

Arctic Monkeys: Another trusty favourite. Alex Turner’s sultry voice will make you giddy and happy as hell, as well as make you do weird, twirly dance moves in your seat. My Favourite Worst Nightmare and AM are by far my favourite albums at the moment. Make sure that Knee Socks, Arabella, R U Mine?, Snap Out of It, D is for Dangerous, If You Were There, Beware and Bad Thing make the playlist.

Dan Patlansky: You need some local flavour, stay true to your roots. Like Otis Redding, Patlansky’s music is soothing but riveting, the perfect music to aid in some thought-provoking day-dreaming.

The Nomadic Orchestra: I have recently grown to love this band, and for good reason too. Their blend of swing, gypsy jazz and vaudeville will definitely keep you awake as well as make you wish you were born in Atlantic City in the 1920s.

There is so much music to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming putting a playlist together. I hope that some of my top choices will make the task easier and help you make the best memories possible.