An Eye for Beauty

Words: Danielle Vorster
Photographs: The Igers in question
South African Igers (Instagramers) you should be following

Creating is essentially part of the human experience, and a platform such as Instagram allows you to do exactly that – Create! Allowing others to see how you see and forcing  you to make choices on which images  you want to portray. It’s an art. Instagram IS art.  Here, in no particular order, I have selected eight striking South African Instagramers who unquestionably have an eye for brilliance. They are situated all over South Africa and definitely worth following! 

1. alexioso | AKA Alexi Portokallis 



2. adriaanlouw  | AKA Adriaan Louw 

IMG_20150105_100246 IMG_20150105_100606

3. nicydency | AKA Nicy Dency

IMG_20150105_111140 IMG_20150105_111121

4. aztekville | AKA LinDani x DjGreyWolf

IMG_20150105_103917 IMG_20150105_103858

5. garethpon | AKA Gareth Pon

IMG_20150105_104210 IMG_20150105_104251

6. yellowteapot | AKA Meghan Holmes

IMG_20150105_103127 IMG_20150105_103054

7. hipebeast | AKA Wayne Robertson

IMG_20150105_105408 IMG_20150105_105517

8. stickylittleleaves | AKA Rebecca Crook

IMG_20150105_110617 IMG_20150105_110643