The Wez Lewis Interview

Words: Danielle Vorster
Images: Wez Lewis

The 21-year-old Wesley (Wez) Lewis has been in the design industry for 2 years now, acting as a visual communicator. In 2013 he started his studies at the Vega, School of Brand Leadership, and is currently a freelance designer.  Wez had a chat with Archetype about the world of graphic design, branding and why the world of advertising doesn’t appeal to him. 


A: What does the education of a graphic designer need to look like?
WL: I would take experience over education any day, if I were an agency. But art is a good way to start, and an interest in design and trends as well.

A: Why graphic design, has it always been something you wanted to pursue?
WL: I was actually going to do fine art, but I was really interested in Vega’s degree, specialization with a marketing background & graphic design. After that I quickly fell in love with design.

logo design 2014-01

A: What are the dispositions of graphic design as a profession?
WL: I think the best way to say it is “kill the puppy”. We use this term quite a bit, it’s quite harsh, yet so is design. You shouldn’t fall in love with only one idea , you should craft and fiddle until your ‘ideas’ make one perfect solution.

just fo gigs

A: How do you feel about the “daunting world of advertising”?
WL: I actually hate advertising, making ads are my least favourite. Branding things are my best, like logos and packaging for example. I see advertising as brainwashing, especially for men and women between the ages 16 – 30. We see a socially constructed idea of perfection, skin and bone, getting drilled into women. Leaving them thinking that they’re not good enough, when curves are actually the real beauty.

j-bay coffee


A: You mainly freelance, how effective are online platforms for you in terms of freelance designing?
WL: Behance is definitely my favourite platform, but my Facebook page has actually got me the majority of my freelance work. Instagram and LinkedIn are also great platforms. I believe more platforms lead to more viewers and more opportunities!


A: What has been your favourite project thus far?
WL: My London Design Museum brief, which I recently finished. I had to rebrand the Design Museum (London). Here’s the link to all the videos of the process, from the start of  the project to the end product.



A: What would be your ideal design job?
WL: Probably being both a Surfer and Graphic designer. More specifically, I would love to be an illustrator for an international surf brand.

poster gig design

A: Do you think that graphic designers should specialize?
WL: I believe if you can do it, do it! The more you can do the better. With time your portfolio will increase and when you have achieved what you have set out to achieve, you can enjoy your preferred art.

A: Mac or PC?
WL: Steve Jobs knows his stuff.

A: Which programs do you mainly work with?