Bookworm’s Choice | August


As a devoted and dangerously addicted bookworm it would only be fair to share some beauty of this world with others. A haven and escape is found within the pages of a good book. These are a few that I would suggest if you are looking to sink into a world of your own for a while.


night circus

Captivating! If you are interested in a magical read then you cannot go wrong with this book. Set in the late 1800’s, this is a story of two illusionists, trapped in a competition to the death. The events of the book revolve around a circus of black, white and pure imagination. For the hopeless romantics this will keep you constantly on edge. For a creative mind and a vivid imagination, this book will fill your dreams for months to come. Take note however, the book alters from multiple perspectives and time frames, in which one could get confused if they do not keep their wits about them. I only wish that such an extravaganza as described in this book truly existed. The Night Circus is beautifully written and utterly hypnotizing.


book thief

“I am not violent. I am not malicious. I am a result.” How could someone resist a book written from the perspective of death? Some may have seen the movie based on this book. For some the movie is better than the book and for others, the reverse. Decide for yourself. This beautiful and heart wrenching book takes you back to Nazi Germany in 1939. Death tells the story of our book thief Liesel, her journey and secret relationships in a time of so much death and loss. Death is so often feared and yet in this book the reader perceives his pain, humour and thoughts on the matter of his role. This fascinating perspective and feature carries you through the book in brilliant narrative. Markus Zusak has given us a touching and well written book.


language of flowers

When words fail us what are we left with? Flowers are so often a form of affection and who knew that they had their own language?  Eighteen year old orphan, Victoria Jones is on the streets. Her only salvation flowers – the connection between herself and the rest of the world. Victoria endures intense challenges, loss and regret and still there is hope in meeting a charming vendor at the flower market. This book tells an enchanting story of expression through the abstract means of flowers. The concept of communication and hidden messages of flowers adds a fantastic element to a well written book. This is a simple and emotional read that is sure to be enjoyed.

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