Analogue 001


pentx mx

We are always a sucker for a good analogue story. It is always a lovely combination of magically nostalgic photos with the element of chance that create a special story. Cullan Maclear does just that in his monochromatic series of Ilford hp5+ photos shot on his Pentax MX with 50mm lens. We hope you enjoy this wonderful collection and do go check out Cullan’s blog for photos, fashion and culture. 

NicholasF1040016-horzThis is Nicholas. He takes photographs, likes rock bands and rides a BMX. I asked him to sit for me on a whim. When I told him I wanted to photograph him in his room (because I like to photograph people in their spaces), he suggested instead that I photograph him on his bike, because that would be more indicative of his personality. I agreed – obviously. I don’t know. He’s cool. He’s young. He’s talented. And I never did get to see his room.

LeaF1040033Lea. Best friend. This was taken on the edge of the stoep in her back garden after a pretty casual session trying to take some headshots for when she starts working as an actress next year. I set this one up at the end of the session, not feeling like much would come of it. It was a nice surprise when the roll came back from the developers. About a month later, she cut her hair.

JeanF1020019Jean is my youngest cousin. This was taken in Langebaan, on the west coast, just after we had escaped from a mediocre craft fair and were wandering down to a small naval base on the lagoon. To him, everything seems to be an adventure.

NashF1040024Nonhle. Nash. The day I took this portrait, she had organized a small gathering in a field near her digs and the afternoon sun was falling at just the right angle to gild the long grass in its golden light. I couldn’t resist asking Nash to stand for me. She is so calm in front of a camera. Nash is sunshine in her own right. She is kind and warm.

MatthewF1040011-horzThis is Matthew. I took these photographs in his studio space at the Rhodes painting and sculpture block while he was finishing his final year fine art exhibition. Matthew is a big guy. I fondly call him ‘the pinnacle of human evolution’. He is a gentle soul though, and I enjoyed his quiet company on the day that I photographed him.

DenhamF1040028This is Denham. He’s from the other side of Table Mountain. A mystery; he is constantly overseas or in the sea. He drives a Ford and has statuettes of Ganesh on his dash.

AlexaF1040014Alexa is the ultimate cool girl. While waiting for a class to start, I asked her to look my way and drop her sunglasses a little. She did and raised her eyebrows somewhat expectantly. With Alexa, what you see is what you get. And I got what I saw.

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