Caroline Macintosh



Archetype: How did you get into photography?
Caroline Macintosh: My family has always been very into their wildlife. From a young age I would travel with them to the likes of Botswana, Zambia and Namibia. It was only natural for me to pick up my dad’s camera and start taking pictures of our expeditions! From then on my love for photography and sense for adventure has only grown and expanded… Though now mainly towards people and landscapes, rather than wildlife.


A: How would you describe your photographic style?
CM: I’d best describe my style/work as an extension of myself and I how I wish things to be. My photographs show the spontaneous need for the raw, wild and free Youth, constantly playing with alluring beauty, nostalgia and the cheeky brash! I like my work to hold a sense of freedom and evoke a sense of wonder, liberate from rules; so I mainly recreate moments in time or even day I wish to be my everyday life.

F1020003 2-horz

A: What have been some of your favourite projects so far?
CM: I am currently working on my solo show, which consists of my underwater series that I have been shooting for three years. The project has really evolved and now consists of stills, a film, and a book as well as sound but I cannot reveal much until the date is finalised. But I am dying to… Some other of my favourite projects consist of shooting for Puma earlier this year as well as my latest shoot with Kristi Vlok and Azuli Peeters, which is coming out In the 3rd issue of P Magazine later this year. It will make you want to head into nature and leave all your worldly possessions and inhibitions behind!

thigh deep 4thigh deep 3-horz

A: How do you think the photography industry in South Africa is doing? And compared to other parts of the world?
CM:I feel like personally everyone is really working hard and pushing themselves and others… Local creative’s are joining forces and the work that is being produced is mind blowing. However I feel like in terms of local publications in the industry, that are pushing boundaries or allowing creative freedom, we are still lacking. But I can see this is changing and exciting things are on their way.

bee 2-horz

A: What has been your greatest photographic achievement thus far?
CM: Being featured in Le Petit Voyeur was an amazing feeling and later this year being featured in P Magazine. Both are publications I really admire.

A: What is your favourite human quality and do you aim to capture it in your photographs?
CM: Vulnerability, it’s the most authentic/ honest quality you can allow yourself to be and, I feel, the most empowering as well.

F1580015 1

A: Do you have a dream location for a shoot? And along with that, a dream team to work with? 
CM: I had always wanted to shoot at Joshua Tree and ticked that off my list last year, so now it’s either Iceland or pretty much everywhere in Australia, starting with Lake Hillier. As for a team, my dreams change every day, so then so does my team.

joshua tree
A: What is The Lost Girls Club?
CM: It is kind of the sister hood that formed when we moved into 102 (which is our beautiful, colourful, quirky animal-filled house). Our home kind of has an open door policy and it’s our creative nest to be who you want to be.


A: Where do you see yourself in five years?
CM: I guess I would like to be living between Cape Town and LA and being able to only shoot and travel for my dream brands and publications, while working on personal work. As well as focussing more on my love for music.

F1030005 7-horz

A: What is your favourite chill spot in Cape Town?
CM: I’m not one for going out these days, my mind is a busy one and so if I am not creating I am either on the mountain or hanging out in Hout Bay at the “Broken Home Studios”. It is my friends’ Nick Burton-Moore and Chris Auret’s place where we often like to jam.


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