Our Story

Words: The Editors

10891882_610632602399163_3574950222741901528_nArchetype is an online magazine catering for young people, students and working individuals alike. We look at lifestyle, discussing events, objects and matters that exemplify who we are. The magazine started in 2013 with a founding team of seven members. We also often make use of freelancers as a way of promoting and showcasing talent. Our magazine continues to grow as we find new and innovative talents among young South Africans.

The name “Archetype” came to us one night after we had gone back and forth trying to find a name that covered what we wrote about and what we stood for. Archetype has two main definitions: An original pattern from which all things are based or derived. And second, a typical example of a certain person or thing. These two definitions allowed Jung (yes, good old Carl) to categorize twelve primary types of human motivations. These cover what makes up each person – such as personality and values for example. From these we find familiar points in others and can identify ourselves with a specific group.

So how does this all relate to our magazine? Well we aim to cover a multicultural youth in all their South African glory, allowing readers to identify themselves with the individuals in articles and the archetypes we present.

Our purpose is to create a platform where individuals can see what talented South Africans have to offer in terms of arts and culture, as well as other lifestyle aspects. In essence this is an online magazine looking at the beauty life has to offer rather than telling you how to be better.


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